Our beaches

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All along the coast of Landskrona Municipality you'll find wonderful beaches for summer dips in the sound.

Our seaside beaches have child-friendly shallow sand beaches where you can walk far out into the high-quality sea water. Most of these beaches have long piers extending farther out for a swim in deeper water.
The best beaches are at Borstahusen, Lill-Olas (near the Semesterbyn (Vacation village)) and at Ålabodarna (to the west of Glumslöv). The island of Ven has public beaches near Kyrkbacken and Norreborg.
Dogs are not allowed in the water at public beaches throughout the period from 1 May to 31 August. You can give your dog a cooling swim along other parts of the shore, including south of Borstahusens harbour, north of the City Beach and north of handicap pier at Lill-Olas.
Discover Öresund Sound - under the surface! At Lill-Olas there is a snorkel trail where all you need is a diving mask, snorkel, and perhaps a pair of swim fins. The snorkel trail is marked by buoys, and at the anchor for each you can read signs describing the nearby underwater life. Follow the trail along its shallow water length, only 0.5-1.5 metres deep. But remember to always have company, or use the buddy system when you snorkel. Children should always snorkel with an adult swimmer.

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