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Address: 26161 Landskrona

Borstahusen is an idyllic former fishing village with original buildings going all the way back to the 1770s. It lies to the north of Landskrona centre with well-preserved fishing folk environment.

Brothers Jöns and Rasmus Andersson Borste were first to apply to build on municipal land - in 1776 - where they eventually build 5 to 6 houses each. The row houses closest to the water were built first, called the 'Ne`re raèn' in the local dialect from Nedre gatan (Lower street). Eventually, another length of row houses was built along 'Övre gatan' (Upper street) known as "Övre raèn". Special racks for drying fish nets where stood in between. But this space was built on years later, to become 'Mellangatan' (Middle street). The row houses where built as terrace houses in very small blocks with narrow open strips between them.
Now, you'll find a guest marina, restaurants, and the 'Pumphuset' (heritage listed building) with museum and art gallery. This area is a genuine oasis for summer visitors from near and far who come to enjoy the beaches, golfing, camping, and the holiday cottage village.

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